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On Cairo holidays visitors will experience a city full of culture and thousands of years of history. Holiday-makers can discover ancient tombs, pyramids, medieval markets, citadels, and modern mosques. Whether you book a package holiday or organise your trip yourself a holiday in Cairo has something for everyone.


Cairo holidays: Useful information

Shuttle buses run from Cairo International Airport to the city center. Cairo has a desert climate. May-October are the hottest months (22-27.5°C), while November-March are cooler (17-21°C). The best way to get around Cairo is by taxi or organised tours. Cairo is known as 'the city that never sleeps,' and many establishments are open day and night. This is especially true during the high Muslim holiday of Ramadan, when tourists can enjoy the colourful festivities and Ramadan lanterns which cast a special glow over Cairo. Cairo is in the GMT+2 time zone and the language is Egyptian Arabic.

Encountering history up close: Day trips from Cairo

No visit to Cairo is complete without seeing one of the seven wonders of the world: the Great Pyramids of Giza (Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure) and the Great Sphinx. 20 minutes' drive from Khan al-Khalili is Salah El Din Citadel - an absolute must-see Cairo attraction after the pyramids. Built in 1184 by the Sultan Saladin (Third Crusades), the Citadel houses four museums and several mosques, including the main Mohammed Ali Mosque.

Things to do on Cairo holidays

Shopping fans should explore Khan al-Khalili, a market dating back to 1382 which sells everything from spices, clothes and antiques to souvenirs. After shopping in Khan al-Khalili, visit the nearby al-Hussein Mosque. Lining the al-Hussein square are numerous coffeehouses and restaurants where one can sit and enjoy a coffee or shisha while absorbing the Cairo atmosphere. At the Grand Egyptian Museum visitors are immersed in history. The museum showcases 120,000 artifacts from Ancient Egypt, and its most famous collection features the treasures of Tutankhamun.

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