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Home of the famous 'paella', Valencia is a wonderful city to visit and explore. Located on the Spain's eastern coast, it is an eclectic fusion of history, culture, modernity and style. Its proximity to the sea and coastal mountains makes Valencia a popular destination for travellers all year round.


When to take your Valencia holidays

Valencia has a typically mild Mediterranean climate and with a yearly average temperature of 20 degrees, any time of year would be suitable to take Valencia holidays. August is the height of summer and although it can get very hot the city shuts down for the most part, as many locals go on vacation. Make your way to Valencia via the International airport, located just 9 km from the city centre. There are inexpensive bus and train options located at the airport. The time zone is GMT+1.

What to do on your Valencia holidays

Valencia is a wonderful city for walking around and taking in the historic charm of days gone by. Start your journey by visiting the city's largest church, the ""Seu"" Cathedral, a magnificent piece of gothic architecture cherished by the city. Adjoining the cathedral is the El Miguelete Tower which dates back to the 18th century. It is open every day of the week and you can see fantastic views of the city from the top.

For a more modern angle visit the architecturally unique City of Arts and Sciences Complex situated on the reclaimed bed of the Turía river. Inside the impressive modern buildings you will find a museum, IMAX cinema and Europe's largest aquarium. For the best paella in town, head to the port area and beaches of las Arenas and Malvarrosa. There you will be able to taste the freshest and most authentic seafood Valencia has to offer, whilst sitting outside and enjoying the sea breeze.

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