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Eilat is situated near to the southernmost point of Israel, where it neighbours Egypt to the West and Jordan to the East. The resort town features sandy beaches and a coral reef, along with an impressive mountain range surrounding its harbour. The town is a popular destination for international holidaymakers and locals alike but you will likely find many more visitors than native Israelis. Famed for its hot weather, nightlife and good diving opportunities, Eilat holidays make for fun-filled trips to a little gem on the Red Sea.


What to remember for your Eilat holidays

Israel is an extremely warm country in the summer and Eilat is especially desert-like. The best times to visit are from September to May, when the temperatures range from 21 degrees celsisus to a sizzling 36. June to August are very hot. Israel is a highly religious country and yet at this beach resort, like Tel Aviv, the culture is not so strict and you should not worry about dressing modestly. You will see people on the streets, the beaches and in the clubs wearing modern styles. Eilat's airport, J. Hozman Airport, serves the city and is located in its central area. Once at the resort, you can go almost everywhere by foot and for diving spots, you can travel by taxi or rent a car. The timezone in Eilat is GMT +2.

Eilat activities

With coral reefs at the South Beach (Coral Beach) area, this makes an ideal diving spot for one of the most popular activities on Eilat holidays. Eilat is less crowded and a more relaxed than nearby Sharm el-Sheikh. The North Beach area is home to most of the resort's hotels and is the main tourist beach. You can also swim with dolphins at the Dolphin Reef, a place located on the South Beach that cares for this intelligent and graceful animal, or observe marine life at the Underwater Observatory.

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