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Family holiday (Flight+Hotel) £453
Romantic holiday (Flight+Hotel) £444
Luxury holiday (Flight+Hotel) £531
Budget holiday (Flight+Hotel) £259

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Israel is often known as 'the land of milk and honey', which perfectly characterises this small yet abundant country. Israel takes only a few hours to cross yet offers a variety of activities and places to visit. A holiday in Israel appeals to every kind of traveller.

Planning holidays in Israel

The best time for holidays in Israel are from July to November, when temperatures range from 26-35 degrees Celsius. Israel's time zone does not differ much from Europe (GMT+2). Various airlines - including many discount airlines - fly frequently from Europe to Ben Gurion Airport. For getting around the country visitors can rely on a variety of easy to use and accessible public transport.

Israel holidays: Beaches and long nights in Tel Aviv

The bustling city of Tel Aviv along the Mediterranean coastline offers both sandy beaches and the best of cosmopolitan city life. Known as 'the city that never sleeps', Tel Aviv's wide variety of shopping and restaurants as well as its thriving nightlife caters to all tastes. The old port town of Jaffa features incredible markets and a chance to experience the fusion of old world charm and stylish eateries and boutiques.

Israel holidays: Explore Jerusalem and the Dead Sea

The capital city Jerusalem, with its white-washed houses dotting the mountainous cityscape, is a sight not to miss on holiday in Israel. From the Arabic market to the Golden Mosque and the Western wall, there are many attractions to enjoy, along with the vibrant underground arts scene and nightlife - both thanks to Jerusalem's many universities. Swimming in the Dead Sea is a once in a lifetime experience. Sitting at the lowest point on earth and full of nourishing minerals, the Dead Sea is the only place where one can lather oneself in the mud renowned for its rich properties while you float like a cork, watching the sun set over Jordan on the other side.

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