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Puerto Vallarta, overlooking the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, is one of the major beach towns on Mexico's massive Bay of Banderas. A city of vibrant cobblestoned streets, surrounded by idyllic beaches and tree covered hills, the unique charm of Puerto Vallarta holidays continue to attract both Mexican and international holidaymakers at an increasing rate to the second largest city in the state of Jalisco.

Puerto Vallarta

Organising Puerto Vallarta holidays and practical information

With its tropical climate, Puerto Vallarta is hot throughout the year and the humidity levels are always bearable. The best months for Puerto Vallarta holidays are February-April, when the skies are clearest and the rainy season has not yet arrived. Many major airlines service the Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport which is a mere stone's-throw from Puerto Vallarta. Taxis are widely available and there is a comprehensive, reliable and cheap local bus network. Puerto Vallarta is in the Central Standard Time Zone (GMT-6).

Puerto Vallarta highlights and recommendations

Puerto Vallarta is known for its lively nightlife, from party boat cruises and gay-friendly clubs to relaxed and atmospheric bars. Puerto Vallarta's miles of sandy beaches are the perfect place to relax however, there is far more to Puerto Vallarta than its nightlif and coastline. Between December and March, Humpback whales flock to Puerto Vallarta's deep waters to mate, while throughout the rest of the year sea turtles nest on the beaches to the west. Various tour options to view these beautiful animals are available, visitors can even volunteer to take part in local protection programmes. The neogothic Cathedral of our Lady of Guadelope is one of the city's many architectural gems and should not be missed when enjoying Puerto Vallarta holidays.

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