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The centre of the Italian financial world, Milan is Italy's most cosmopolitan city and also a leading capital of fashion, design and football. Modern Milan rests on a rich history, witnessed by its breathtaking architecture and fascinating museums. Located in Lombardy, in the north west section of the Po Valley, spectacular countryside is easily discovered in the immediate vicinity of the city. With a history that stems from Celtic tribes in 600 BC before flourishing in the Roman Empire, Milan holidays attract historians and culture enthusiasts from the world over.


Milan holidays: Around and about

Milan is at its hottest in August, when the locals take their holidays and many shops close, however, visiting at this time makes a tranquil alternative to the crowded coast. The city can be admired from an open-top bus or on a guided walking tour.Getting there is no problem as Milan is served by three international airports. The time zone is GMT+2.

Window shopping in Milan:Stunning history and culture

The city's treasures include the world's largest Gothic cathedral which offers views of Milan from above, alongside beautiful spires and statues. Milan's Castle, Castello Sforzesco, is a great place to wander around and explore its museums, or relax in one of its courtyards. Milan holidays allow you to see some of art's greatest masterpieces, including Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper at the Santa Maria delle Grazie Church.

The world class fashion designers gracing Milan's streets are endless. For exclusive fashion, head to the flagship stores in the Quadrilatero d’Oro. Milan is filled with little boutiques, street markets and discount outlets. If you want a break from the city, the town of Como is only 30 minutes away by train, where you can enjoy hiking trails, scenery and lakes. So whether you want to soak up some history, window shop for cutting edge fashion or relax in the sun, Milan holidays have something for everyone.

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