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Nestled perfectly between the Alps and the plains of the river Po, Lombardy is arguably Italy’s most appealing and rewarding region. While the plethora of medieval hill towns and castles, intoxicating cities, pretty lemon groves and ubiquitous vineyards are reason enough to visit, it is fair to say that the picture perfect lakes scattered accross the north of the region are Lombardy's main attraction. The novelist Henry James once remarked that it was a waste of time even to attempt to describe the beauty of the Italian lakes and it is easy to see why. With their picturesque villages, glorious vistas and pleasant climate, Lake Garda, Lake Como and Lake Maggiore really do look like something out of a dream.


Lombardy holidays: weather and climate

Lombardy's climate as a whole is typically continental: hot and muggy in the summer and chilly and foggy in the winter. However, the lakes region has a micro-climate of its own, which makes the summers more temperate and winters slightly milder. These mild temperatures enable the olive groves, palms and citrus trees typical of the area to flourish. Even the mountains experience lovely weather in the summer, although the odd downpour can be expected every now and then.

Lombardy holidays: highlights

Lombardy holidays offer a whole host of treats to tempt the visitor away from the mesmerising majesty of the lakes. A visit to the stylish city of Milan is an absolute must as the Duomo has to be seen to be believed. The enchanting town of Bergamo is also well worth a visit, if just to see its glorious piazza (rumoured to be the prettiest in Italy). Naturally, no holiday to Italy is complete without sampling some local food and drink. Lombardy's chief delicacies are fresh lake fish and risotto as well as excellent cheeses (such as Gorgonzola) and delicious sparkling wines - don't leave without trying the Franciacorta.

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