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Machico is a historical seaside town on the Portuguese island of Madeira. Famous for being the arrival point of early island explorers, Machico is a tranquil village surrounded by a lush, natural landscape. Sandy beaches, spectacular ocean views and traditional restaurants are just a few of the delights on offer on Machico holidays.

When to take Machico holidays

Machico has a Mediterranean climate with mild, pleasant weather all year round. The summer runs from June to September with temperatures ranging from 20-30 degrees Celsius. Machico holidays often begin with an arrival at Madeira Airport, conveniently located just four kilometres from the town. Upon arrival there are taxis and a bus service which can quickly escort visitors to Machico for a reasonable price. The time zone is GMT +1.

Machico holidays: What to see and do

Machico bay has pebbled and sandy beach areas which are both overlooked by a stylish promenade. The waters are warm and shallow, perfect for families with small children. Beach facilities include showers, swimming pools, kiosks and a wide range of watersports such as jet skis, volleyball and paddle boats are available. The best views of the bay can be seen from the Pico do Facho lookout, located on the nearby hilltop. There are plenty of varied trails scattered throughout the mountains for holidaymakers who enjoy hiking or adventure walking.

There are five historical parishes in Machico including the oldest church on the island named 'Capela dos Milagres'. Traditional Madeiran style food can be found in any of the many bars, restaurants and cafés around Machico. Seafood is a local favourite and in particular the 'gaiado', a regional delicacy of naturally dried fish. In the nearby town of Caniçal there is a fascinating whale museum exhibiting photographs, artifacts and remnants of early whale hunting in Madeira.

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