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With more than sixteen million people all calling this land mass on India's west coast their home, it is no wonder that most travellers feel a little claustrophobic when they first arrive in Mumbai on holiday. This—in conjunction with the frenetic pace of life—can make the city feel like a completely different planet to anyone who has never visited India before. However, like two sides of the same coin, this fact is all part of its unique appeal. Once visitors become acclimatised to the noise, crowds, traffic and heat; they will start to feel more engaged, perhaps even more alive than they have in a long time.


Mumbai holidays: travel essentials

October to March is arguably the best time to visit Mumbai as this is when the climate is most agreeable. It is better to avoid travelling during the monsoon months of June to September as waterlogged roads can cause significant disruption. Regular flights from the UK normally take around 8½ -9 hours. British travellers need to bear in mind that an Indian visa is required to enter India and also that the time in Mumbai is 5½ hours ahead of the UK time.

Although Mumbai's suburban rail network is quite complete, it can be quite a stressful way of getting around the city; especially during rush hour. Taxis are generally the best option, although walking can be just as quick over short distances as auto-rickshaws are banned from the city centre.

Mumbai holidays: highlights

Aside from revelling in the intoxicating and stupefying excitement of just being in the city, most regard the Gate of India and the Victoria (Chhatrapati Shivaji) train station as the must-see sights to visit during Mumbai holidays. Other highlights include the lively Muslim neighbourhoods and bazaars around Crawford market and the opportunity to enjoy some local cuisine followed by a peaceful walk along Marine Drive in the evening.

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