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At first glance, with modern hotels perching on an idyllic white-sand Mediterranean beach, Calvia appears every bit the developed-yet-beautiful destination that makes it popular with holiday-makers. However, take time to inspect Calvia closer, and it becomes clear that it is not just another beach-holiday spot. Most strikingly, a varied landscape of wild bluffs, bays, isles and inlets, surrounded by the daunting Sierra de Tramuntana, makes Calvia's natural beauty unique in Majorca. With remnants of a spectacular 3000-year history and cultural combinations, the architecture, cuisine and vibrant social atmosphere make Calvia holidays a rare opportunity to sample the best of all worlds.


Planning Calvia Holidays

The first holiday-makers looking for an exotic adventure to Calvia arrived nearly 200 years ago by steamship from Barcelona. Today, however, Calvia holidays are much less of an ordeal, and there are flights from dozens of UK and European cities to nearby Palmo, from where it is barely a 20-minute bus, taxi or drive to Calvia, where holiday-makers have a full spectrum of hotels, hostels, resorts or bungalows to choose from, from beachside to hill-top. The best time to soak up the sun on Calvia holidays is during the hot, dry summer months. However, winter temperatures are still very mild, and rain, rather than dampening spirits, simply adds to the rugged mystical beauty of the surrounding landscape, and offers a fabulous excuse to escape inside one of Calvia's quaint cafes.

Calvia Highlights

If looking to let loose and be entertained, then experience Calvia's famous, fabulous dinner shows, followed by some of the most vibrant nightclubs in Spain. However, Calvia holidays can also be the epitome of calm and relaxation on the beach, with exploration into its wild nature, or discovery of its Roman artefacts at Sa Mesquida and other historical sites. Food is very important here, so a succulent 'butifarron' sausage or other local delicacy is never too far away.

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