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Peru's diverse landscapes cater to all travellers' tastes, whether one is looking for adventure, culture or beach relaxation. On holidays in Peru visitors can explore a wealth of mountains, deserts, lakes and jungles. The variety of natural settings offer many sights and attractions to explore on holiday. Active travellers can hike and bike through the mountains that line the coast, kayak along waterways in the north mainland and then sand board in the central desert or surf along the north coast.

Best time to plan holidays in Peru

When planning holidays in Peru, keep in mind that the seasons are opposite to the northern hemisphere. Temperatures differ depending on altitude. The best time to visit is in the summer months, when the coast has temperatures between 25- 32°Celsius, but the mountain areas are cooler, from 8-14°Celsius. Flying is a quick way to travel the length of the country. A more affordable way is by bus. Peru has multiple bus lines ranging from luxurious to bare minimum. The more expensive ones are still quite affordable and very comfortable. When travelling it is advisable to have your destinations written in Spanish on a piece of paper, since not everyone speaks English.

Ancient ruins and desert adventures: Peru's highlights

The Inca trail is a world-famous trek which leads to Machu Picchu, where the ruins of the ancient Incan civilization have been preserved. The second largest lake in South America, Lake Titicaca offers a number of boat trips and sightseeing to the smaller islands. Huacachina is a lagoon surrounded by desert mountains. Here visitors can ride dune buggies or try sand boarding while exploring the desert. Beachgoers should visit Huanchaco, which is known as a surfers' paradise. This small coastal town has its share of backpackers, expats and international artists, which gives it a bohemian feel.

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