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Warsaw, Poland's capital and the country's largest city, has a long history dating back to the first settlements in the 9th century, remnants of which still survive today. The city offers a great variety of things to see and and do, from historical sights, monuments, museums and theatres, to great parks and palaces, particularly in its beautiful Old Town.


Warsaw holidays: Getting around

Warsaw is serviced primarily by Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport, named after the composer who spent a great deal of his life in this splendid city. It is easy to get from the airport to the city centre by train, bus or taxi. Getting around Warsaw itself is easily done, thanks to a well developed transport network of metro lines and buses. You can also walk around the Old Town, and this is a great way to see its historical medieval streets. The time zone is GMT+2.

Warsaw: The majestic capital

Warsaw holidays should start with a walking tour of the old town, the capital's centre and its oldest part, founded at the turn of the 13th century. Although Poland was heavily bombed in the Second World War, the old town has been carefully restored to its former glory. Be sure to visit the Royal Castle, where you will find an abundance of fascinating history about the Polish monarchs and the surrounding castle square. In the square you'll find one of Warsaw's most famous monuments, Sigismund's Column, it commemorates the king, who is carrying a cross and sword. For world class art and a glimpse of the city's rich history head to the Museum of Modern art, containing renowned works by Polish and international artists, and the National Museum. To relax visit the Royal Baths Park, the biggest in the city and a great place for a picnic. Whatever you want to do, Warsaw holidays promise an unforgettable experience in Poland's majestic capital city.

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