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Saint Lucia is a Caribbean island and one of the Windward Islands. It boasts year round sunshine and some of the world's most idyllic beaches. All of this make it one of the most popular sunny destinations for relaxation breaks, beach holidays and honeymoons. Additionally, Saint Lucia offers stunning nature; not only lush forests but also two volcanic plugs known as the Pitons, ensuring any trip is every bit as memorable and adventurous as one could imagine.

Holidays in Saint Lucia: Top Tips

The best time of year to take holidays in Saint Lucia is between September and June. The weather is ideal during this time as it is hot and sunny. Between July and August, it can be humid with tropical storms. Saint Lucia's airport, Hewanorra International Airport, is within around an hour's drive away from many of the island's resorts such as Vieux Fort, Sugar Beach and Castries. The timezone in Saint Lucia is GMT-4.

Things to do during Saint Lucia holidays

There are plenty of activities for all the family in Saint Lucia. Apart from the crystal clear Caribbean waters and golden-white sand on its many beaches, there are countless tours to enjoy. Pirates of the Caribbean fans could enjoy a day trip sailing in the original boat from the film, the Tall Ship Brig Unicorn.

Take a trip to see the rainforest canopy and get to know the treetops via an exhilarating zip line ride. Or perhaps go and discover fishing villages and a banana plantation on the Land and Sea Safari to Soufriere. Adventurous types could even climb the Gros Piton and enjoy hiking to its peak over a staggering 2,500 metres above sea level.

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