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Spread around a bay in the island's south-west, Soufriere is the gem of St. Lucia. A town of immense historical importance—as it was the original capital of the island after its exchanges between French and English hands—Soufriere overlooks the crystal waters of the Caribbean, while stunning volcanic peaks and valleys create its backdrop. This natural beauty, combined with a friendly and vibrant culture, make Soufriere holidays impossible to forget.

Planning Soufriere Holidays

Soufriere sits in the Eastern Caribbean timezone (UTC-4), and enjoys the advantages of a warm climate. That means that Soufriere holidays are warm and enjoyable at any time of the year. The possibility of rain between May and October may mean less beach time and more exploring the other wonders of Soufriere holidays, which are better suited to such weather. Soufriere holidays are easily accessible, with the St. Lucian capital Castries receiving direct flights from a number of international locations. From Castries, it is easy to get to Soufriere by bus, taxi, hired car, or pre-arranged transport through all-inclusive tours or accommodation providers; a wide range of which are available in Soufriere, from lush resorts to charming Bed and Breakfasts.

Soufriere Highlights

Visitors in search of a beach holiday will find paradise in Soufriere. There are a wide range of idyllic beaches in the area, with fine sand and glistening waters, offering the perfect opportunity to relax and take in the sun. For those wanting to explore further the richness of Soufriere's waters, there are some stunning coral reefs and marine life, and snorkelling and diving tours are widely available. If heading inland, Soufriere boasts the majestic Twin Pitons, volcanic land formations that form a UNESCO World Heritage Site, that also offers some great waterfalls. There are many hiking and cycling trails through St. Lucia's Rainforest for adventurous holiday-makers, and dozens of vibrant rum shacks and restaurants, popular with visitors and locals alike.

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