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Although it takes up most of the Arabian Peninsula by itself, Saudi Arabia is much more than just a big desert. In truth, it's a nation of innumerable pretty oases, dramatic mountains, seemingly endless beaches and more rivers than seem possible. Then there are the cities: Jeddah, the Red Sea port; Riyadh, the pulsating central capital; and Dammam, the large metropolis in the east, on the Gulf; all of which manage to combine traditional souk markets and stunning Islamic buildings with modern international restaurants and gleaming shopping malls.

Saudi Arabia holidays: Travel essentials

November-February is often the most agreeable time for western travellers to take Saudi Arabia holidays as temperatures frequently reach 40°C and higher during the rest of the year. Getting to Saudi Arabia is relatively easy at any time of year as flights to Riyadh, Jeddha and Dammam are plentiful and take less than seven hours from London. Flying is also the most efficient means of getting around, although trains, hire cars and taxis (the best option in cities) can also be used. The time in Saudi Arabia is three hours ahead of the UK (GMT+3).

Saudi Arabia holidays: Highlights

While Saudi Arabia's cosmopolitan cities offer visitors some stunning sights, such as the Corniche road in Jeddha and the Masmak fort in Riyadh; it is the country's natural and ancient wonders which are its greatest highlights. For example, the ruins of Mada'in Saleh, a city of temples and burial sites carved into the sandstone mountains of Al Madinah are every bit as stunning as Jordan's equivalent, Petra. The fabled 'Empty Quarter', the largest expanse of sand on the planet with dunes as big as ships is also an unmissable sight, as is the timeless Hofuf camel market at the great Al-Hasa oasis. Regardless of where they may visit, all travellers should try the lunchtime favourite of Kultra - chicken or lamb on a skewer – at least once.

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