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Singapore, along with Monaco and the Vatican City, is one of the world's last remaining city states. Holidays in Singapore can be cultural excursions or beach getaways. This destination offers lots of sights, tastes, and experiences that make it a very unique place to visit.

Holidays in Singapore: Climate and travel

Singapore is hot and humid throughout most of the year. There are practically no seasons and the temperature is fairly constant however, between November and January the monsoon arrives and things can get considerably wetter. Therefore holidays in Singapore are best taken in the months between February and October. The city is well served by a large international airport (Singapore Changi) as well as its port. Within the country, the best travel options are train, bus and taxi. Car rental is sometimes an option. The time zone in Singapore is GMT+8.

Activities for Holidaymakers in Singapore

Local fare consists of Chinese, Indian and Malaysian food or a mixture of these flavours. Well known for its excellent cuisine, these are just a few of the international influences which have entered the local cuisine and because of this many holidays in Singapore have a culinary focus. There is much more for holidaymakers in the country to see and do besides eat. The destination is full of sandy, tropical beaches, which are great for relaxing and swimming. The city itself is full of things to see. It has fascinating architecture, from its modern skyline to its historic colonial buildings. Its museums are also well worth a visit. Options include the National Museum of Singapore and the Asian Civilisations Museum. Compulsive shoppers may want to take advantage of the state of the art electronic goods at the Funan Digitalife Mall and Sim Lim Square while fashionistas may find their heart's desires amongst the boutiques in Haji Lane. A popular place to just relax and unwind are the city's botanic gardens.

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