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It would be churlish to say the entire population of Northern Ireland has put the past behind it. It has not. That being said, a good majority of people in this part of the UK have made a concerted effort in recent times to embrace the future and build a more agreeable community for all. This resolve, backed up politically by the Good Friday Agreement, has seen the region experience an unprecedented period of relative peace, stability and growth. This is great news for tourists as it means many more travellers can now come and see what a charming, interesting, fun and incredibly picturesque place Northern Ireland really is.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland holidays: travel essentials

Spring and autumn are generally the best times to take Northern Ireland holidays; the weather has slightly less bite than winter and tourist attractions attract fewer crowds than they do in summer. Getting to the province from mainland Britain is very straightforward as flights from regional airports are plentiful while ferry services shuttle back and forth across the Irish Sea all year round. Regular bus services, well maintained roads and a small but reliable train network ensures most visitors have little trouble exploring the region by public transport. Taxis and car hire services are also available in the main cities/tourist hubs.

Northern Ireland holidays: highlights

Belfast is often the first port of call for most visitors, and with its glorious Victorian architecture, intoxicating nightlife (literally) and world-class Titanic museum it’s easy to see the appeal. Not to be outdone, Derry/Londonderry also pulls in the crowds, although the atmosphere here is slightly more bohemian and alternative. Away from the cities, the province shows its true beauty. With its seemingly inordinate collection of glens, waterfalls, mountains, caves and coastal vistas (the Giant’s Causeway is a must); Northern Ireland’s landscape is a veritable treasure trove of mouth-watering sights. Now if only there was somewhere to get a drink…

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