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Taitung is located in Taiwan's East Rift Valley, and is popular for its beaches, natural parks, and authentic local aboriginal culture.

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When to Visit Taitung

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The best time to visit is between April and July with moderate temperatures giving way to more cultural celebrations and outdoor activities.

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KHH Kaohsiung
TNN Tainan

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Where to Stay in Taitung

Bonnie Yoga House is a hotel decorated in an old Indian style with an on-site yoga studio. Take Your Time Guesthouse is centrally located with additional surfing and yoga classes available.

Popular Neighborhoods in Taitung

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How to Get Around Taitung

The Cost of Living in Taitung

Shopping Streets

Ata Aboriginal Culture Craft sells a variety of handmade glass beads, textiles, and leather items handcrafted by aboriginal people. Taitung Showtime Mall is the biggest traditional shopping mall with indoor stalls and internationally recognizable brands.

Groceries and Other

Carrefour and Agriculture Cooperative are the two biggest grocery shopping stores. A dozen eggs costs NT$70.

Where to Eat in Taitung

IWAWNA serves traditional Taiwanese food alongside live dance performances near to the new train station. A typical meal for two costs NT$200.