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Athens was a key seat of power in both ancient Greece and Rome. Today, remnants of its history are visible all over the city. As a European capital, it is home to impressive historical buildings and has all the trappings of a modern city. From the ruins of the Acropolis to the steps of the Old Parliament House, Athens holidays offer visitors a wealth of history and Mediterranean flair.


Planning Athens holidays

Athens is easily accessible by air, with flights departing from many airports such as London and Edinburgh. Athens International Airport is located approximately 20 km outside of the city. You can get into the city itself by car, line 3 of the Athens Metro, or by taking a public bus. Once you are in Athens, you will find it easiest to travel using buses, trams, and metro trains. The climate in the city is typical of the Mediterranean region, with hot summers and mild winters. Late April to early June and September to early October are ideal times for Athens holidays, as the weather is warm and the city is not overly crowded. Athens is in the Eastern European Time Zone (GMT+2).

Athens: Experiencing history up close

Holidays in Athens offer plenty to see and do. The city is rich with Classical landmarks. The Acropolis played a significant role during this era and includes sights such as the Parthenon, which was a temple dedicated to the city's patron goddess, Athena. The National Archeological Museum is filled with ancient artifacts from the Mycenaean, Classical, and Roman eras, which are accompanied by a wealth of facts about their respective periods.

Exploring Modern Athens

Athens is not only rich in history, but also in modern culture. The bustling European capital is home to an active arts scene. Art fans should not miss the Metaxourgeio and Psiri districts, which are hotbeds of modern and contemporary galleries, trendy cafes, and fashionable shops.

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