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Attica is a historical region located on the Aegean Sea in the south of Greece, encompassing the capital Athens along with many other cities and seaside towns. Featuring a mountain range and many archaeological sites of interest, the area's urban landscape is dominated by Athens and its surrounding suburbs. Attica holidays are popular with tourists because of its warm weather and diversity of attractions, with places of historical significance and an abundance of beaches making it an ideal destination for those looking for both a city break and a relaxing beach holiday.


Planning your Attica Holidays

Most Attica holidays begin at Athens International Airport, though with 3 major ports travellers can also arrive by ferry from other areas of Greece and some international destinations. The best way to travel around Attica is by car, though a good public transportation system connects the major cities, with buses both affordable and frequent. Whilst in Athens, tourists should avoid the roads, which can have heavy traffic, and opt to travel via metro or by walking. Attica's Mediterranean climate brings long, dry summers, with warm weather typically lasting from mid-April through to the end of October, with temperatures peaking at around 30 degrees during July and August. Attica is in the Eastern European Time Zone (GMT +2).

Attica Holidays: What to Do

Athens and the rest of Attica have an abundance of archeologically important sites, and visits to the Acropolis and the Agora in Athens, as well as the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio, are essential. Whilst in Athens, holiday-makers should make the most of Pangrati, a family friendly and cobbled neighbourhood with a choice of great restaurants and bars, whilst those looking for relaxation at the beach should make the short drive to the town of Vouliagmeni and visit Astir Beach, a clean and sandy beach known for its clear water.

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