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Greece is located at the far southern end of Europe, bounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the south, and by Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria to the north. Much of Greece is covered by rocky terrain and mountains, but it also has several internationally-recognised beaches. Your holidays in Greece will allow you to experience a key part of world history, as Greece's mix of Roman, Greek and Byzantine histories can still be seen in its cities and countryside.

Holidays in Greece: Transportation

Getting to your holiday in Greece is easy and convenient, whether you travel by air, sea, or rail. There are many flights available in and out of Greece's many airports, including the country's main airport in Athens. Greece's many islands can be reached by ferry, and car rentals and taxis are readily available in most places.

Greece: things to do, places to visit

Visitors who choose to spend their holidays in Greece will be able to admire its architecture and ruins. Greece boasts many famous archaeological sites. Visit the Acropolis Museum in Athens, or take a tour of the temple of the Goddess Athena Nike. Children will be fascinated by Olympia, origin of the modern day Olympics and legendary home of the Greek god Zeus.

Enjoy Greece’s beaches and night-life

Greece has many islands that you can visit during your holidays. Many of these islands offer something for everyone. The Islands of Mykonos, Paros, Skiathos and Los offer beach clubs and holiday resorts, as well as a bustling night-life. Clubs and bars offer late night eating and dancing. On the island of Lefkada, world class beaches provide the setting for a variety of watersports, including wind-surfing, water-skiing and diving.