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Chile’s vibrant capital is brimming with life; from lovely old Spanish buildings to atmospheric fish markets and the joie de vivre of Santiago’s inhabitants, the ever-present hustle and bustle of this 24-hour city will win over the heart of even the most jaded traveller. Encircled as it is by snow-capped Andean peaks and coastal ranges, the diversity of the city’s neighbourhoods and the infectious enthusiasm surrounding its thriving art scene and café culture are also a big plus. Put simply, Santiago is a city of hidden depths, and visitors who take the time to explore it thoroughly will get more than their just rewards in return.


Santiago Holidays: Travel Essentials

Santiago is blessed with a pleasant, Mediterranean climate so between March and May and September to November are typically the best times to visit. There are no direct flights to Santiago from the UK at present: most flights from London operate by transiting via a European or US hub so flight times often hover around the 20 hour mark. Visitors need to adjust their clocks accordingly upon arrival as the time in Chile is four hours behind the UK (GMT-4). Santiago’s clean, efficient and reliable metro system ensures getting around the city is straightforward.

Santiago Holidays: Highlights

Exploring the city’s neighbourhoods on foot is arguably the best way to discover the highlights of Santiago holidays. Sampling some truly sumptuous cuisine in Bellavista and Providencia and dancing the night away alongside the bohemians gathered in Barrio Brasil are quintessential experiences to enjoy in Santiago. In addition, there’s more to those mountains than mere scenic appeal - there's also a wide range of activities to enjoy up there, with trekking, climbing, horseback riding, skiing and kayaking all just a short journey away from Chile’s beating heart.

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