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Situated in the Adriatic Sea lies the Greek island of Corfu, a place steeped with legend and home to the beachside town of Kanoni. Sitting on the outskirts of Corfu Town, Kanoni features white sands, hidden coves and crystal blue waters, and offers a scenic base from which travellers can further explore the sights and culture of Corfu. Believed to be favoured by the Greek gods, Kanoni holidays offer a breathtaking island getaway.


Planning Kanoni Holidays

Within the Eastern European Time Zone (GMT + 2), Kanoni enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate with plenty of sunshine and mild winters. Plan Kanoni holidays from May to August, when the warm weather is for ideal swimming and sightseeing. The island is serviced by Ioannis Kapodistrias Airport, and can also be reached by boat or ferry. Once there, get around by bus, car, boat or bicycle—rental services are available.

Myths & Nature in Kanoni

Kanoni holidays offer the opportunity to explore Corfu's many sights and attractions from a beachside retreat. Whether travellers are seeking fun in the sun, a romantic getaway or a family-friendly retreat, Kanoni holidays provide plenty to see and do. The first stop is usually Kanoni’s beaches, where holidaymakers can take sunbathe on white sands, take a dip in warm waters, or try something more adventurous; snorkelling, scuba diving, sailing and paragliding are all on offer.

In nearby Corfu Town, visitors can visit the Archaeological Museum, and appreciate the town’s Venetian architecture. Heritage site Old Perithia is Corfu's oldest village—nestled below Mount Pantokrator—it was once a hideaway from pirate attacks. Drive to nearby archeological wonders such as the Temple of Artemis, the Achilleion Palace or the Paleopolis Basilica. This unforgettable experience is a must for lovers of romance, Greek mythology and culture. The spectacular Old Fortress on the eastern peninsula is the site of a Byzantine castle, and features scenic views of Old Town and the mountainous Albania coast.

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