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Luxury holiday (Flight+Hotel) £350
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Holidays in France are popular for good reason. Great food, excellent wine and white sandy beaches are just some of what the country has to offer. France has two coastlines, one running along the Atlantic Ocean and the other along the Mediterranean Sea. It also boasts alpine peaks, historic cities and abundant nature.

Planning your holidays in France

Getting to France from most places is relatively simple. All of France's major cities have an international airport. France is also well connected, by train and road, to its neighbours, and good rail and road networks connect its own cities and villages. For intercity travelling, the trains are reliable, fast and fairly priced. Stations are usually centrally located and reachable by public transport. Due to the country's size, temperatures vary considerably depending on the region. France has four different climatic zones. The alpine regions have colder winters with a lot of snow, while the mediterranean cities in the south experience milder winter months and very hot summers. The rest of the country enjoys warm summer months.

Holidays in France: what to see and do

If you're looking for a romantic city holiday then Paris is the obvious choice; the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre art gallery should not be missed. For a quieter holiday, France is also well known for its rolling countryside dotted with small, picturesque villages. These villages often produce tasty wines, cheeses or salamis, or are surrounded by scented lavender or bright sunflower fields. Mont St Michel abbey in Normandy should also be on the must-see list -- built in the 11th century, it is one of France's biggest landmarks. If it's a relaxing beach holiday you're after, then head to one of the southern cities or towns on the Mediterranean coast; if it's adrenaline you want, the Canyons of Verdon are perfect for extreme sports.

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