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The state of North Rhine-Westphalia is situated in the northwestern part of Germany bordering the Netherlands and Belgium. The state offers many interesting historic cities and typical small villages worth discovering.

North Rhine-Westphalia

North Rhine-Westphalia Holidays

Travelling to North Rhine-Westphalia by car, train or bus from the UK takes only a few hours after crossing the Eurotunnel. For travelers from the rest of the world, international flights are received by four international airports in the state. The climate is mild, with a good amount of rainfall.

Attractions and history

Holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia should include a visit to at least one of the region's cities, many of which preserve centuries of history in their buildings and streets. The city of Aachen, near the border with Belgium, was built by the Romans and later became the permanent home of Emperor Charlemagne, and the center of his Empire. The old town center reflects these 2000 years of history and is well worth exploring. Another of Aachen's tourist attractions is the house of Beethoven -- another illustrious citizen of the city. About 72 km from Aachen is the city of Cologne. Cologne is known worldwide for its cathedral, which is the most visited tourist attraction in Germany, as well as its typical Kölsch beer.

Picture perfect places

Another place worth visiting on your holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia is the city of Monschau. With its typical timber-framed houses at the edge of the River Rur, the city has one of the most well-kept old towns in the country, with original houses and narrow streets dating back three centuries. It is also a Spa town. Among the city's other attractions are the old castle, St. Chrysanthus and Daria Church, and the red Town Hall. Holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia can provide a good balance of historical exploration, and well-deserved relaxation.

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