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There are so many possibilities for holiday-makers in Germany that you could spend an entire year exploring the country and still not have time to see or do it all. There is something of interest for everyone, from Alpine peaks and forests and lakes, to historic towns, wine regions and cosmopolitan cities.

Holidays in Germany

Reaching Germany is easy from most places. The bigger cities have international airports, and Germany is well connected to its surrounding countries by train and bus as well. When planning your holidays in germany, be sure to take into account the time of year, and pack appropriately. Winters are very cold with snow, and summers tend to be very hot, especially in late July and August. Germany lies in the Central European Time zone.

Choosing a destination

There are many interesting cities in Germany: Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Dresden and Leipzig, to name but a few -- all of which have their own specific character. For nature lovers there are lakes all over the country, many of which have sandy beaches with kiosks selling food, as well as loungers for hire, and toilets. Many seaside resort towns -- popular among Germans and visitors alike -- lie along the North and Baltic Seas, from the eastern border with Poland to the western borders with Denmark and the Netherlands. There are a few islands off the coast as well: Rügen, Norderney, Usedom and the seven East Frisian Islands. The German countryside is perfect for hiking, climbing and mountain biking. There are several popular areas for sports enthusiasts, such as the Harz Mountain range and the Bavarian Forest. If you rent a car, there are also several tourist routes to follow. These have specific themes, and include the Wine Route, Fairy Tale Route and the Romantic Route. Holidays in Germany have much to offer -- the only difficulty is deciding on what to do and where to go!

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