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Fes, otherwise known as Fez, is Morocco's third largest city and its medieval capital. It is well known as being the best preserved old city of the Arab world and is famous for its ancient city walls. There is a big medina to explore which will transport you to a mystical world far away. Visit Fes for a cultural and religious adventure and taste of history unlike any other.


Fes holidays: Top tips

The best times to visit Fes are from April until June and September until November, as in the summer the temperatures rise and this heat can be quite uncomfortable. You are advised to respect the local culture and cover your shoulders and legs when out in public. Fes has its own airport, as do nearby the cities of Marrakech and Casablanca, which are both well worth visiting if you have the time. Getting around the city during your Fes holidays is easiest by foot. The timezone in Fes is in line with the UK Greenwich Mean Time.

What to do on your Fes holidays

Fes has a huge souk and medina area which is a labyrinth-like maze where you will, quite happily, spend hours getting lost. There are a plethora of items available to buy, such as food, soaps, spices, clothing, jewellery carpets and more. Be sure to visit the traditional Moroccan restaurants for a cup, or two, of fresh mint tea and authentic tagine dishes. Visit the famous Blue Gate, the entrance to the city, to see a piece of original and ornate Islamic architecture. Also not to be missed are the real working tanneries for leather treatment and dyeing and the Royal Palace of Fes, as well as several mosques and gardens such as the Jardin Jnan Sbil.

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