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Kamari is a town on the island of Santorini in the Aegean Sea. The island is part of the Cyclades archipelago and the town is located towards the southeastern part of the island, sandwiched between the Vouno Mountain and the azure waters of the Aegean Sea. The village is just eight kilometres from Fira, the capital of Santorini. It is a relatively new village, built after the neighbouring village of Episkopi Gonias was destroyed by an earthquake in 1956.


Best time to travel to Kamari

Summer is the best time to enjoy the beach and sights of Kamari. The temperature usually ranges in the thirties and you can expect to enjoy sunshine for around twelve hours each day, giving you ample time to take in the landscape and ancient ruins of Thira. Between July and August, you will not be troubled by rain. If you cannot stand the summer heat, plan your Kamari holidays in spring or autumn. You will still be able to enjoy the sun without feeling oppressively hot. The time zone is GMT+2 and the island is served by Thira International airport.

Kamari Town: A blissful haven

During your Kamari holidays be sure to take leisurely walks on the promenade running along the beach. This traffic-free stretch is lined with old Greek tavernas and upscale restaurants and souvenir shops. The town also has an open-air cinema which shows the latest films. Be sure to visit one of Santorini’s best wineries, Canava Roussos which is situated at the edge of the town.

During your Kamari holidays, visit the blue flag two kilometre long beach which is lined with pebbles and volcanic sand. The beach is lined with thatch parasols that offer respite from the heat of the sun. Be sure to visit the ancient temple dedicated to Poseidon. The view of the Cyclades islands from the top of the mountain will make your Kamari holidays unforgettable.

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