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Imerovigli is a picture perfect clifftop village lying on the Western shore of Santorini, the famed Greek volcanic island which erupted sometime around 1500 BC. When most people think of Santorini ('Atlantis' to some) they tend to conjure up images of pretty little whitewashed houses and blue domed churches looking out over incredible aquamarine vistas. This is Imerovigli - the 'Balcony of the Aegean'. With its narrow streets and quaint tavernas framed by a landscape of three volcanic inlets, themselves smothered by the bluest blues imaginable, Imerovigli is without doubt one of the most beautiful places in the entire Mediterranean.


Imerovigli holidays: travel essentials

With extended periods of sunshine throughout most of the year and mild, sporadically wet winters, Imerovigli's climate is typical of the Mediterranean. Visitors arriving in April or October may want to bring a sweater as the evenings can have a slight nip in them at these times. Flights arrive and depart from Santorini Airport with transfers to Imerovigli taking around thirty minutes. A whole host of regional UK airports now offer flights to Santorini; on average, flying times are between three and four hours. Like the rest of Greece, the time in Santorini is two hours ahead of the UK (GMT+2).

Imerovigli holidays: sights and attractions

The sights and attractions are arguably one and the same on Imerovigli holidays. While there are a whole host of vantage points to seek out and enjoy splendid views from, it is fair to that Skaros Rock – a rocky headland which once housed a thirteenth-century castle – is up there with the very best of them. Suffice to say, watching the sun set, preferably with some local cuisine and glass of wine is the chief evening attraction here. Visitors who are looking to enjoy a livelier night out can always make the short trip over to Thera to sample the capital's more upbeat nightlife.

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