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The centre of Phuket's tourist industry, Patong Beach is lively resort town that lives up to its hedonistic reputation with a seemingly endless parade of bars and nightclubs. For visitors with energy to spare the days offer a wide variety of water sports and relaxing beaches.


Patong Beach holidays: When to visit and how to get around

The best time of year for Patong Beach holidays is November through February, when the temperature is a little cooler. The weather in Thailand is unpredictable year-round but the winter months are relatively temperate and dry. Avoid monsoon season (May to July). As Patong does not have an airport itself, international visitors use Phuket International Airport. Flights to Phuket are available from most major cities. Taxis are readily available at the airport to transport you to Patong (approximately 45 minutes drive) but be aware that use of the taxi meter is mostly considered optional by taxi drivers. It is often worth negotiating a price to your destination at the airport to save hassles upon arrival.The time zone is GMT+7.

Activities on Patong Beach holidays

Patong Beach holidays are famous for their shopping opportunities. Each evening the streets are lined with stalls selling everything from CDs and clothes to souvenirs. In the market streets, no asking price is fixed and haggling is expected. The key is to bring a sense of humour – a smile goes a long way when negotiating the final offer. Active holiday-makers in Patong can try the local style of martial arts (Muay Thai) while beach lovers can hire a jet ski or kayak to explore the coastline. For the night owls, there are a multitude of entertainment options after the sun sets. Experience a cabaret show featuring Patong’s famous ‘Lady Boys’ or book tickets to a local Thai boxing match. For those who prefer to drink and chat, there are a range of pubs and nightclubs to choose from.

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