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Located off the west coast of Greece, Zakinthos is an island with stunning mountainous scenery, beautiful beaches and great local cuisine. With so much to see and do, Zakinthos holidays promise to be a fine getaway to one of the most sublime spots in Greece.


Zakinthos holidays: Getting around

Zakinthos is serviced by Zakinthos Airport. It is also possible to get to the island via ferry from certain European cities. Getting around the island is easy by using its bus services. Alternatively, hiring a car is a great way to explore Zakinthos and there are many car hire companies operating on the island. The best time to visit is the glorious summer, when you can make the most of Zakinthos's clear waters and fine sandy beaches. The time zone is GMT+2.

Zakinthos holidays: Where to start

A great way to start a trip to Zakinthos is by heading to its northern edge, Cape Skinari. From there, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the sea and explore the ruins created by a large earthquake which shook the island in the 1950s. The Blue Caves are also nearby. A set of beautiful geological formations, the Blue Caves are natural arches that have been carved by the sea. Famed for the striking blue of the water in the deep recesses of the caves, this is a must see on Zakinthos holidays. Visitors can either hire a boat and make the journey themselves, or join one of the popular tours.

At nearby Navagio there lies a famous shipwreck. Best visited from Porto Vromi, the ship was washed ashore after a power failure in 1981. No visit to Zakinthos would be complete without relaxing on the island's beaches. Head to the long stretch of coastline called Alikes and Alykanas where there are lots of great restaurants and facilities, including opportunities for trying out some watersports.

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