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With its calm Atlantic surf and laid back atmosphere, Olhao is an oasis along Portugal's magnificent southern Algarve coast. So quiet is Olhao that waves can be heard gently lapping against the side of the long colourful wooden fishing boats, left to sit as their owners enjoy a laugh and game of dominoes with friends at a nearby cafe. Despite being the largest fishing port in the entire Algarve, Olhao has maintained a distinctively quaint, traditional feel, and it doesn't take long to realise why many never leave. If you´re actually missing and looking for large resorts and beach hawkers, you´ll have to find a ride at least 30 kilometers away!

Planning Olhao Holidays

Faro, the regional capital, is the easiest place to touch ground and start Olhao holidays - unless already on an Algarve package tour. The Faro airport is barely 30 minutes by car, and if a taxi isn't in the budget then a bus costs less than a beer. Olhao is blessed with a moderate climate which means perfect beach holiday weather in summer, and moderate and fairly dry winter months. So come any time to enjoy this seaside gem and its way of life - just be sure to set your clocks seasonally to GMT or GMT-1.

Olhao Highlights

It is hard to recommend against simply enjoying Olhao's easy-going lifestyle, world-famous 'Piri Piri Chicken,' and gorgeous beach ensconced by natural lagoons from Mesozoic-era sand deposits. However, for a more "active" experience, there are definitely a few highlights not to be missed during Olhao holidays. Above all, a stroll to the iconic brown dome of the central market place is a delight for the senses, with chatty locals and world-class seafood aplenty. Taking the corridor between the two main market halls will lead towards a self-guided tour of some of the town's finest architecture, featuring grandiose 17th-century residences and subtly beautiful churches, including Nossa Senhora do Rosario.

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