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Carvoeiro is a village in Portugal's Algarve. The village is located about five miles to the south of the city of Lagoa. The village's tropical climate, beaches, watersports and golf courses make it a great destination.

Transport for Carvoeiro holidays

To get to Carvoeiro visitors land at the Faro International Airport in central Algarve sixty kilometres from Carvoeiro. As there are no direct train links to Carvoeiro, visitors must get a bus from Faro. The Algarve region of Portugal has higher seasonal temperatures than the U.K. and most of Europe and there is plenty of sunshine in September and October as well as the peak summer months. Portugal is in the Western European time zone.

Destinations to visit on Carvoeiro holidays.

Among the landscapes of Carvoeiro is the Algar Seco, a rock formation caused by coastal erosion which has carved out grottos and islets. The cliff tops that surround the village offer plenty of scope for coastal hikes on Carvoeiro holidays. Along the cliffs there are the remains of Fort of Senhora da Conceição. Visitors will also discover the Alfazima's Lightouse located on the edge of the cape. Golf fans should visit some of the golf courses around Carvoeiro such as the Vale de Milho, Pestana Gramacho and Pestana Vale da Pinta.

Beaches in Carvoeiro

Praia do Carvoeiro is the village beach and is sheltered by the cliffs. Jet skis and pedaloes can be hired at the beach for watersports during the summer. Boat trips are also made from the beach that sail around the coastline and caves. There are also a number of additional beaches for Carvoeiro holidays close to the village. Beaches such as the renowned Praia da Marinha, Paraiso Beach and Praia de Vale de Centianes.

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