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Ocho Rios is a town on Jamaica's north coast in the parish of Saint Ann. Once more of a small fishing village, it is now a lively destination for holidaymakers to enjoy with beaches, water sports, nightclubs and places of historical interest.

Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios Holidays: Top Tips

The best time to visit Ocho Rios is between November and May when the temperatures are at their best and the hurricane season won't interupt holiday plans. Try November, December, April or May for the best all-inclusive deals. Ian Fleming International Airport is one of three airports on the island of Jamaica, and is the closest to Ocho Rios. Whilst on the island, it's easy to get around with a taxi, or hire a car to venture further out of the region. The timezone in Ocho Rios is GMT -5.

Ocho Rios Holidays: Activities & Adventures

Although its name means "Eight Rivers" it doesn't quite live up to the title, but there is a refreshing waterfall nearby known as Dunn's River Falls. The beaches along the local resorts and hotels are typically Caribbean with white sands and sparkling turquoise waters. A popular activity in Ocho Rios is to visit the Dolphin Cove and play with the dolphins there.

The local scuba diving centres offer courses for beginners and other water sports activities are available for groups or families travelling together. There are also various restaurant options and nightclubs in the town which are well worth sampling during Ocho Rios holidays. Just outside Ocho Rios is Columbus Park, the place famed as the point where Christopher Columbus first landed in the Caribbean islands. There are also collections of maritime objects and Spanish colonial buildings to see here.

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