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Spreading up along the Las Vegas valley, basking under a hot sun surrounded by rolling hills, Henderson holidays await. Consistently ranked amongst the best cities to live in the USA, its downtown area has an entire lifetime's worth of world-class casinos, bars and restaurants to explore. Henderson is an affluent city with the hustle and bustle of a modern-day metropolis and the peaceful charm of a Wild West desert town.


Planning Henderson Holidays

Henderson is in the PST timezone (UTC-8) and conveniently located right next to Las Vegas, which means that Henderson holidays can be reached by flights from all over North America, as well as many indirect connections from the UK and Europe. Henderson holidays are at their best in the summer months, when the days are long and sunny and scorching hot, however the weather is temperate all year. As the winters are cool but snow is extremely rare, those holiday-makers not quite geared towards high heats and sun-bathing may prefer to take their Henderson holidays during the cooler months.

Henderson Highlights

The rolling hills and vast expanses surrounding the city provides Henderson holidays with one of the absolute best collection of hiking trails in the USA, and anybody looking to get close to nature is sure to be satisfied. For those who want to stay closer to town, Henderson is brimming with history and booming with excitement. The Clark County Heritage Museum is a good place to indulge in the former; it traces the area's history back to pre-European times and through Henderson's development as a major scientific base during World War Two. For those with a little extra time, a day-trip to the nearby Hoover Dam—one of the USA's great engineering feats and national icons—is easily arranged.

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