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Mention Nevada, USA and many people immediately think of Las Vegas. While the world-famous Vegas Strip may be the Nevada holiday destination that you've dreamed of, there's plenty of adventure and excitement to be had outside the gaming and casino mecca.


When to go & things to know about Nevada holidays

Nevada is a year-round destination. Although December and January tend to be the coldest months, June through August can be blazing hot. Most overseas holidaymakers fly into McCarran International Airport (LAS) at Las Vegas. Other popular regional and business flights are made into Reno-Tahoe Airport (RNO), Carson City (KCXP), Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport (IFP) and Elko Regional (EKO). Nevada holiday package deals including flights, hotels and car hire are popular. Plan ahead, particularly during the Christmas and New Year holiday seasons. Accommodation in Nevada ranges from luxury hotels in the Las Vegas, Tahoe and Reno/Elko areas, to family-friendly caravan parks and camping sites in the great outdoors.

Things to do in Nevada

Do you want a physically challenging as well as adrenaline pumping trip? Whether it's a holiday with kids or your significant other, the choices are plentiful. Open water kayaking, canoeing or fishing enthusiasts might head to Lake Tahoe or Pyramid Lake. Rock climbers should explore Red Rock Canyon or Mount Charleston. For experienced mountain bikers, Nevada holidays that include a whizz round the Bootleg Canyon trails near Boulder City will make an exhilarating challenge. Skiers and snowboarders are spoiled for choice at Lake Tahoe, with a choice of seven world-class ski resorts at its banks. Rodeo enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the sport at events in Reno and Laughlin during specific annual events. For more sedate holidaymakers there are plenty of scenic routes to explore including the Mount Rose Scenic Byway. Alternatively head for the National Wild Horse and Burro Centre at Palomino Valley or drive to the more remote Marietta Wild Horse and Burro Range.

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