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The United States has an incredible diversity of landscapes such as deserts, canyons, mountains and expansive forests. In addition, the USA includes famous cities such as the capital Washington, New York, Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

United States

Transport for Holidays in the United States

There are plenty of airports for visitors to land at for their United States holidays. The primary entry airports from Europe are those along the East Coast in New York, Washington and Chicago. Those who are visiting the western U.S. might then have to book another flight to areas such as California etc. Visitors can also arrive by ship at U.S. cruise ports such as Charleston, Manhattan, Port Canaveral and Miami. The US is five to eight hours behind GMT, depending on how far west you travel. The U.S. climate has notable variations with plenty of snowfall in the north during winter, and lots of sunshine further south.

Eastern Regions to Visit during Holidays in the US

Visitors looking to explore American history while on holidays in the United States should check out the Mid-Atlantic and South regions along the East Coast. Washington DC's National Mall and Memorial Parks are home to numerous iconic sites, while Charleston in South Carolina boasts Fort Sumter, the site of the outbreak of the American Civil War. Florida is one of the premier travel destinations in the US, thanks to plentiful sunshine and exhilarating theme parks, which include perennial family favourites like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios.

Western Regions in the US

The western regions include vast national parks, such as the spectacular 1,217,262 acre Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona which has unique combinations of geologic colour. The snowy mountain ranges in the Rocky Mountains have a variety of quality ski resorts for winter vacations. California also has notable destinations such as Disneyland in Anaheim, packed full of enthralling Disney rides, and the boulevards of Hollywood.

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