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Eight kilometres long and under a kilometre wide, Isla Mujeres is flanked by pockets of blinding white sand and luminescent reefs. To the East, restless Caribbean waters clash with the dramatic coastline. On the West Coast the ocean is calm and safe for swimming. Most of the tourist action is in the North. Here, relaxed holidaymakers divide their Isla Mujeres holidays between postcard perfect Playa Norte and the island’s largest town, Isla Mujeres.

Isla Mujeres

When to Enjoy Isla Mujeres Holidays

Summers on Isla Mujeres run from June to October with 34°C highs. This is the wettest time of year (although showers tend not to last long). September and October bring a high risk of hurricanes. Winter high season provides the most comfortable climate. The nearest international airport is in Cancun. Ferries run regularly between the island and the mainland, taking around 20 minutes. Use golf carts and scooters to get around the island. The time zone is GMT-6.

Things to see and do on Isla Mujeres Holidays

Many holidaymakers want to do very little and there are plenty of beaches on which to do just that. The most popular is Playa Norte, regarded as one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. More secluded beaches await exploration on the island’s west coast. Garrafón Natural Reef Park in the South-East provides opportunities to snorkel, dive and kayak. On land there are hiking trails that take in cliff top views. One of Isla Mujeres’ more bizarre tourist attractions is the Underwater Sculpture Museum. Dive, snorkel or take a glass bottom boat out to view these ethereal underwater sculptures. Enjoy a stroll along El Malecón boardwalk to soak up the drama of Isla Mujeres’ east coast. The walk stretches 1.5 km between Half Moon Bay and El Colonia. During summer the world’s largest fish, the Whale Shark, gathers around Isla Mujeres. A boat trip out to see these magnificent creatures is an unforgettable experience.

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