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Travellers can walk for miles along the white sandy beaches at Tulum, swim with dolphins and explore organic markets selling world-renowned amber Mayan honey while food lovers can learn the art of preparing Yucatan style dishes through local cooking classes.


Planning Tulum holidays

Situated in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, Tulum is six hours behind the UK (GMT -6). The flight time from London to Cancun International Airport is just over eleven hours. A bus or taxi can take travellers directly from the airport to Talum. The sun shines all year round in Tulum, making holiday planning easy. The dry season runs from November until May, with December and January generally being the coolest months. The wet season, which runs from June to October is very hot. During this time, rainfall is at its peak in June as well as September and October. Hiring a bicycle or a scooter is a fantastic way to explore Talum. Taxis are also available for travellers on Tulum holidays.

Tulum holidays: Mayan ruins

The majesty of ancient Mayan cities is exemplified by the Castle of Tulum, which is poised on a rocky cliff, overlooking the sea. The castle faces sunrise leading some to believe the city may have once been named Zama, meaning the City of Dawn. The Temple of Frescoes depicts an elaborate thirteenth century mural representing Mayan dieties including the Mayan goddess of fertility and medicine.

Tulum holidays: Hidden worlds of the Caribbean

The mysterious underwater caves (cenotes) can be discovered while swimming, snorkelling or scuba diving at Hidden Worlds Adventure Park. A sunset boat trip along the lagoon of Boca Paila in the Sian Ka'an Reserve offers travellers the chance to discover mangrove islands as tropical birds flock overheard.

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