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Sitting like a polished diamond in the balmy Caribbean, Mexico's largest island is world-famous for its breathtaking natural wonder. Its varied seascapes encompass pounding waves, serene sandy beaches, jagged rocky shores and pristine turquoise lagoons. However, Cozumel is also a cultural and historical melting-pot of Mayan, Latin-American and international influences, and it offers much more to holiday-makers than just its stunning postcard-landscapes.


Planning Cozumel Holidays and Practical Information

A tropical Caribbean climate make Cozumel holidays ideal for a sunny island escape throughout the year. Cozumel has its own busy international airport, serviced directly by multiple airlines, while San Miguel regularly plays host to many cruise ships. Alternatively, holiday-makers can easily make it to Cozumel from Cancun and Playa del Carmen on the Mexican mainland via bus and ferry connections that can even be arranged far in advance, eliminating the possibility of unwanted last-minute stress on Cozumel holidays.

Cozumel Highlights

If the island of Cozumel were a crown, then its magnificent coral leaf would be a thousand colourful jewels studded the entire way around it. Whether by scuba diving or snorkelling, or from the dry safety of a glass-bottomed boat, or even from the novelty of a submarine tour, this natural phenomenon is accessible on Cozumel holidays to all budgets and participants. Want to experience both Cozumel's oceanic wonders and a fast-paced challenge? The sandy beaches and merciless waves of Cozumel's east coast offer a fabulous place for an energy splurge and adrenalin boost through surfing and kite-surfing.

Expert Cozumel Recommendations

However, Cozumel holidays do not necessarily just involve staying at the beaches: holiday-makers can get a taste of Mayan heritage at ancient ruins or a traditional restaurant, relax in San Miguel's charming town square, or wait until nightfall and witness Cozumel's transformation into a party hub, especially recommended during February to catch the local Carnaval.

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