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Cancun holidays, with azure waters, a glorious climate and white sandy beaches provide a perfect getaway, whether planned or last minute. With ideal weather almost year-round combined with cool ocean breezes, Cancun remains one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

Holidays in Cancun: Weather

Cancun has warm weather year-round, so it is a matter of personal preference as to when to travel. Visitors that enjoy a milder climate might like to visit between December and early May when the temperatures hover between 20-30 degrees Celsius. The period of June to August brings higher temperatures and humidity. Cancun holidays in September and October can be risky in terms of weather, with frequent outbursts of rain and high winds.

Holidays in Cancun: Attractions

Cancun is located in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula where the Mayans once ruled and the remains of their culture still decorate the landscape. Cancun holidays give you the chance to explore miles of magnificent beaches and warm water for sunbathing, swimming, and even surfing, as well as prime scuba diving and snorkelling opportunities with underwater treasures such as the Tulum barrier reef and a multitude of tropical fish in a rainbow of colours. The local wildlife garners a lot of attention, especially the variously sized iguanas that sun themselves along the sides of the roads or on rocks and ruins. Although some of the larger ones might look rather ominous, these creatures are quite harmless.

Cancun History

Cancun is steeped in history. Among the most popular attractions to explore on Cancun holidays is Chichen-Itza with its many Mayan temples. The El Rey Ruins are another visitor favourite and are situated right in the hotel zone of the city. Finally, Cancun is a short drive from Tulum, home to a mix of modern day resort hospitality and the ancient ruins of a mighty civilisation.