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Previously known principally for its international airport, holidays in Dalaman are quickly becoming more popular as the region becomes popular for much more than simply as a gateway to western Turkey. The city is situated at the centre of Turkey’s ‘Turquoise Coast’, which stretches down the greater Dalaman region. The fertile, low-lying land gives rise to lush greenery which covers the mountains and surrounds the lakes, going all the way down to the long beaches that meet the azure Aegean sea.


Details for Dalaman holidays

Dalaman is in the Eastern European time zone (GMT+2), two hours ahead of the UK. The region enjoys a rich Mediterranean climate, sunny all year long with long, dry, summers and shorter winters. For those planning Dalaman holidays, the cooler autumn and springtime is particularly recommended. The international airport is well connected to the city, and the rapidly modernising infrastructure means that it's simple to get around Dalaman and to other locations in the region.

Exploring Dalaman and the surrounding area

The Dalaman region is home to the rare and protected loggerhead turtles and blue crabs, and holidaymakers often make their way down to Turtle Beach for a peek at the turtles. Many also travel to the Dalyan mud baths in nearby Marmaris, and after relaxing in the mud visitors can make their way to Bar Street, which is packed with clubs playing dance music into the morning.

On Dalaman holidays, intrepid travellers can also visit the Dalyan rock tombs, which date back to the 2nd Century BC. Cut out of the cliff faces, these intricately detailed tombs rise skywards, impressing visitors approaching by either land or sea. The adventurous can hike deeper into the mountains or skydive over the crystal blue lagoons. The new marina and golf course which are planned for the region are likely to prove another incentive for holidaymakers considering a trip to Dalaman and the Turquoise Coast.

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