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A beach resort on the Mediterranean coast in South West Turkey, Sarigerme is situated close to the village of Osmangue. The village was built over the ancient city of Pisilis the ruins of which, though now buried under shifting sand, can still be visited. The area has become a popular resort over the last few years.


Sarigerme holidays: When to go and how to get there.

The best time to visit Sarigerme is in June and September as the heat is not quite as intense as in July and August. With a two hour time difference and a three and a half hour flight from Britain, Sarigerme holidays are perfect for family getaways or last minute deals. There are plenty of all inclusive hotels which are ideal for families and at just 25 minutes away from Dalaman airport Sarigerme is easily accessible by taxi.

Sarigerme holidays: Activities and sightseeing

Sarigerme holidays offer a range of activities from camel riding to quad bike safaris, a great way to explore the lush countryside. Parasailing and white water rafting are also available for the more adventurous. The stunning golden beach hosts watersports and sunbeds and is an ideal place to sunbathe with a refreshing breeze that is perfect for sailing. The sunday market in Sarigermie is lively and entertaining with plenty of goods on offer, from crafts to exotic spices and teas.

Dalyan is about 30 minutes from Sarigerme and is famous for its mud baths which are thermally heated and rich in sulphur, which is believed to have anti-ageing properties and rejuvenates the skin. Iztuzu Beach, also known at 'Turtle Beach', is home to the caretta caretta or loggerhead turtle and during the months of May to October they come to the beach to lay their eggs. This is a great place to see this endangered species in their natural habitat and is one of the last nesting areas in the world.

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