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Massachusetts in the New England region of the United States is famous for being the place where the Pilgrim Fathers landed in 1620 and is known as the ""Bay State"" for its three large bays. It is a state of immense variety, from state capital Boston on its metropolitan eastern side to Cape Cod in the south; a popular holiday destination which was once home to the Kennedy family. In the far west are rural areas of great beauty, such as the Berkshire Hills and the Appalachian Trail.


Massachusetts Holidays: Getting Around

The easiest way to get into Eastern Massachusetts is via Logan International Airport in Boston. From there, it is easy to reach downtown Boston by train, bus, or taxi. Massachusetts holidays are good to embark on all year round, although it is very cold in winter. If you plan on seeing the outdoor sights, it may better go in spring or summer. The time zone is GMT-5.

What to See in the Bay State

Boston is a vibrant and lively city. Start by walking the Freedom Trail, a walking tour that brings the events leading up to the Revolution in Boston to life, with an historical character as your guide. Along the trail, enjoy the delicious atmosphere of the Faneuil Hall Marketplace with its multitude of food stalls. You can then head to Harvard University, America's oldest institute of higher education institution and one of the world's leading universities with a fascinating academic history. Visit Harvard's Museum of Natural History to see some of its 21 million specimens, including the famous collection of 3,000 'Glass Flowers,' amazingly life-like glass models of plants. Whale watching is a popular activity on Massachusetts holidays, and you can take a tour along the Massachusetts coastline during the summer. Cape Cod is a must-visit, with its beautiful sandy beaches, water sports, and charming seaside port towns.

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