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Monte Gordo is a beach side resort in southern Portugal. Situated in the famed Algarve region, Monte Gordo is located just two kilometres from the Spanish-Portuguese border. Each year visitors flock to the picturesque resort to enjoy the long sandy beaches, panoramic ocean views and relaxing atmosphere of the town.

When to take Monte Gordo holidays

The climate of Monte Gordo is typical of the Mediterranean region with mild, comfortable weather all year round. During the summer months of May to August temperatures range between 20-30 degrees Celsius. Begin Monte Gordo holidays by flying in to Faro Airport, located 60 km from the resort. Upon arrival holidaymakers will find a bus service and plenty of taxis to make the transit to Monte Gordo. Portugal is in the Western European Time Zone.

Monte Gordo holidays: What to see and do

The beach of Monte Gordo looks out on to the blue Atlantic Ocean and is backed by soft, white sand dunes. The water is warm and fairly shallow, ideal for swimming with small children. There is a stylish beach promenade which provides easy access for disabled persons or families with strollers. Here visitors will find plenty of beachside bars, cafés and shops selling snacks and refreshments. Popular watersports such as kite surfing and jet skiing are available on the beach as well as showers, sunbed rentals and changing facilities.

The township of Monte Gordo is well spread out with plenty of cafés and restaurants offering outdoor dining. The terrain is generally very flat which makes it perfect for long walks and cycling. On Monte Gordo holidays take a cruise down the River Guadiana which begins at the nearby town of Villa Real de Santo Antonio. The cruise takes a full day and includes a guide, transfers and lunch at a poolside restaurant. For night time entertainment be sure to visit the popular Monte Gordo Casino, located in the town centre.

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