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Located just a hour's drive north of Barcelona, Lloret de Mar is a true gem on the Costa Brava coastline. This small, seafaring town attracts thousands of visitors each year who are eager to explore its unspoiled beaches, clifffs, coves and inlets. Lloret de Mar is a little piece of Catalonia that truly has a lot to offer.

Lloret de Mar

When to take your Lloret de Mar holidays

Lloret de Mar enjoys a mild, Medditerranean climate and you can expect temperatures above 20 degrees from May through to October. There are two airports located in Barcelona and Girona, the latter becoming popular over last few years for its variety of low cost carriers. Each of these airports offers bus transit options at an affordable price. The time zone is GMT+1.

What to do on your Lloret de Mar holidays

The most popular beaches in Lloret de Mar are Lloret and Fenals beaches but away from these main stretches there are many small coves where picturesque views and crystal clear waters are to be found. If you are interested in watersports there is an abundance of leisure activites at your disposal such as diving, jet-skiing, snorkelling and, for those feeling even more adventurous, para-sailing or sea-kayaking. Getting involved in these activities is a great way to explore the otherwise inaccessible coves and inlets of the Costa Brava.

On your Lloret de Mar holidays, don't miss the chance to explore the many nature walks through the nearby forest areas. There are seven different hiking trails which are not only great exercise but also give you an up-close glimpse of the natural habitat of local birds and wildlife. The nightlife is also popular in Lloret de Mar, with the Gran Casino Costa Brava and a variety of nightclubs, bars and resturants to keep you entertained. Head to the centre of town for the best tapas and Medditerranean and Catalan cuisine.

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