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Holidays in Iceland are popular for good reason. Untouched nature glistens in the country's midnight summer sun, hot springs invite travellers and locals alike to warm up and relax, and delicious fresh fish is easy to come by.

Holidays in Iceland: when to go

Iceland's climate is changeable, but generally the summers are cool and the winters fairly cold, with long hours of daylight in summer. Holidays in Iceland are easily accessible, with many airline carriers offering budget flights to the country’s largest city, Reykjavik. Once here, holiday-makers can continue their journey by car, rail, bus or even bike (for those who are feeling brave!).

Iceland: What to see

Vibrant Reykjavik is a must for fans of buzzing clubs and bars. Things hot up later in the evening here, so clubbers can expect the night to kick off around midnight. Those who prefer a quieter holiday may choose to skip the parties and focus on relaxation - a visit to one of Iceland's famous natural hot springs is a must. Whale watching is also well worth doing. From May-September, 23 species of whale can be spotted in the waters just off Iceland's coast. Atlantic Puffins can sometimes also be sighted. For some winter adventure, a dogsledding trip is not to be missed, offering visitors the chance to wrap up warmly and allow a team of powerful Greenland huskies to lead them through Iceland's frosty, quiet winter landscape.

The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) are nature's very own firework display. From Mid April to September, visitors to Iceland are treated to spectacular rainbow hues dancing across the sky. Holidays in Iceland wouldn't be complete without at least a glimpse of this natural wonder.

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