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Shimmering like emeralds on the Mediterranean Sea, the lush green archipelago of Malta lies at the southern tip of Italy. The largest island in the group, Malta, shares its name with the group as a whole and is its main cultural hub. Gozo and Comino are the other two inhabited islands. Malta's rich historical and architectural heritage -- with three UNESCO World Heritage Sites -- is a major draw. Malta's eleven Megalithic Temples are not to be missed, with some claimed to be the world’s most ancient free-standing structures.

Holidays in Malta: Best time to visit, and getting around

Since the island is sunny all year round, Malta holidays are always enjoyable. The high heat and humidity of August may, however, not be comfortable for some. Although hiring a car is the best way to cover long distances, for shorter distances taxis, dghajsas (Maltese water taxis) or even horse-drawn carriages are available.

Attractions in Malta

Maltese civilization can be traced back back as far as 3,600 B.C. and this can be witnessed through the Hypogeum subterranean tombs and the Megalithic Temples. Valletta, the capital of Malta, charms holiday-makers with its history- soaked streets, and treasures like the St. John's Co-Cathedral add to the experience. Mdina, with its lamp-lit lanes, is a surreal medieval town, ideal for mystical evening strolls.

Beach holidays in Malta and nearby islands

Holidays in Malta are, however, not all about history. For nature-lovers and beach loungers, northern Malta has a lot to offer. Neighbouring island Gozo is also worth a visit -- scenic and hilly, the island is good for walkers, offering rugged countryside terrain with occasional coastal cliffs en-route, and stunning sea views. Another nearby island is Comino. Dotted with wayside chapels and old farmhouses, it is the perfect hideout for seekers of solitude as well as hikers. Comino's Blue Lagoon is a perfect haven for divers.