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Considered the jewel in Maui’s crown, Lahaina is one of Hawaii’s most popular holiday destinations. Lahaina holidays promise famous restaurants, award-winning entertainment and rich cultural experiences. Whether your Lahaina holidays are planned in advance or chosen as a last minute destination, Lahaina offers a vast array of relaxing or adventurous activities - though all sun-drenched, and year round!


Holidays in Lahaina: When to Travel

Lahaina enjoys a sunny climate and plenty to do all year round. Those looking to enjoy their holidays in Lahaina to bask in the sun will prefer the hotter, drier summer months between April and November, while visitors keen to take advantage of Lahaina’s popular wave surfing culture and its whale watching tours will most enjoy between January and April. Most people land at Kahului Airport and drive the scenic 40-minute route to Lahaina. Though, Lahaina itself is easy to travel around by foot and there are 13 major bus routes in and around the area. Lahaina, as well as the rest of Hawaii, sets its clock to GMT-10.

Attractions in Lahaina

During the winter months, Lahaina holidays can kick off with the area´s famous whale spotting tours, considered to be the town’s main attraction. Embarking from Lahaina Harbour, boat tours sail around one of the world’s best places to spot humpback whales. When on dry land, seek out the Ulalena show at the Maui Theatre, centred around Lahaina’s proud culture. For nourishment, explore the top quality fresh seafood in one of the town’s many restaurants. Lahaina’s oceanfront also provides a picturesque setting for after-dinner drinks.

Lahaina is drenched in historical importance. Holidaymakers can enjoy touring the Carthaginian II, an impressive reconstruction of a 19th-century whaling ship which is now submerged and provides visitors with the unique experience of visiting an underwater museum. Once back above sea level, enjoy a walk along the town’s ancient defence fort, complete with original cannons.

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