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Waikoloa holidays are the ideal base from which to explore the north-western shores of Hawaii's 'Big Island'. Sitting on the deep rich waters of the Pacific, surrounded by volcanic rock and lush forest, Waikoloa offers an intriguing mix of the modern and the ancient, with state-of-the-art facilities and a strong cultural heritage.

Planning Waikoloa Holidays

Conveniently located just up the coast from Kona airport, Waikoloa holidays are easily accessible by way of flights from within Hawaii and indirectly by connections to the USA mainland and Asia. The best way to reach Waikoloa holidays from the airport is by taxi or hired car, which can also double as an excellent introduction to the natural beauty of the area; some taxi drivers will even act as informative tour guides. Alternatively, several Waikoloa hotels and resorts offer transfers from the airport as part of an all-inclusive rate. Located in the Hawaii-Aleutian timezone (UTC-10), the tropical climate means Waikoloa holidays are warm at any time of the year. Take note that in March temperatures may dip slightly and bring some rain, but most would agree this only serves to make Waikoloa's lively nightlife all the more exciting.

Waikoloa Highlights

While Waikoloa boasts an interesting art gallery and world-class golf courses, it's not a Hawaii holiday without the beach, and Waikoloa offers a fabulous one. The crescent-shaped Anaeho'omalu Bay curving its way along the Kohala Coast is also home to some of Hawaii's best marine life, with the Kuali'i and Kaupapa fish ponds as well as some exceptional coral reefs just metres off-shore, ideal for snorkelling. There is evidence of a long history of native civilisation around the Waikoloa area, and one great way to get introduced to the Hawaiian culture is with a traditional 'Luau' show; colourful, fun and informative, they range from elegant dinner-table performances to open-air beach festivals.

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